Plan Your SFI Business,Then Get Started!

This week,our tutorials will be centered on planning your SFI Business.
A business plan is a guidance,an important assistant for any affiliate who starts their business here. It might not take time to make them,and in the long term, you may also save much time and cash flow.

Gery's SFI Rules of Success-11
This clearly outlines the need to have a Realistic plan by which  you can earn while you learn in your  first 6-12 months and get compensated the least.Then expect  better earnings when you give yourself time to put your plan fully into operation.

It does not matter if you joined SFI today or last month, or even last
year. I don’t think it really matters either what your current rank at SFI is.If you do not have a realistic plan,then put one in place today.

SFI system really does work.Your first commission could be really small… shockingly small.

But if you plan well and faithfully performed your TO-DO List duties and provide support to all of your PSAs and CSAs to succeed,you can watch your commission each month grow by 300% or more and when the
increase per month trend continues, you are on your way to receiving an SFI
income that can really help pay all your bills and provide the financial freedom you desire.

Everyday log in to SFI Affiliate Center and do the To Do List and Launch Pad lesson for the day. We all have 30 days to get oriented with what SFI has to offer.

We all will learn how to recruit SFI Affiliates and duplicate ourselves, one day at a time and one step at a time. 

Then we can grow in understanding how to use Online Marketing skills to productively and effectively market SFI and it's wonderful business opportunity to a global market.

If you are overwhelmed by the information simply follow the marketing guidelines for beginners whether focusing energy on planning for Sales, Sponsoring or ECA campaigns.

Go here to see the beginner methods.

Remember, there are beginner methods for each marketing opportunity SFI has given us. 

Keep pushing and never give up.Ask questions and always stay connected.I love to be bombarded with many questions and am happy to answer them as soon as I can.
You can always contact the SFI Support but feel free to 
send questions,concerns or suggestions to my primary email address -

Check out a 100 TCredit Pak available only to SFI Affiliates as a Standing Order.

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