DO #1: 
Set up contests using your Leadership Page "Rewards/Incentives" section at: 

Contests are a GREAT way to to motivate your team by providing specific, actionable goals. You can set the specifications for each of your contests (eligibility, qualifications, start and end dates, restrictions), as well as your prize--which can be TCredits, PSA reassignments, or gift certificates. When your downline members go to your Leadership Page, all contests in which they're eligible will automatically be presented to them to enter! 

Be sure to test different types of contests for different segments of your team, such as a contest for EAs only or affiliates only or PSAs only. Then PROMOTE your contests regularly in your newsletters, Stream postings, etc.


DO #2:
Post a message on your SFI home page's Stream tab at least every three days at: 

Major announcements or deep thoughts are unnecessary. Just focus on posting brief words of encouragement, a short tip or insight, a favorite quote, a quick comment regarding a recent SFI news item, a thank you, recognition of team members who have reached a milestone, or just a description of what you're doing to build your SFI business today.



DON'T set up a support Website for your team unless you are prepared to devote the time necessary to keep it up to date.  SFI is constantly evolving and adding programs/features, and few things will turn off and confuse your new affiliates and team members more than an out-of-date, unkempt Website with obsolete information.



For the complete "Be An Awesome Sponsor" list of DOs and DON'Ts, go to:

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