What is the best and fastest way to earn commissions with SFI?

In my opinion, the best and fastest way are different ways.

1)The Fastest way: This I believe is through sales from your TripleClicks store.You get 45% of the commission volume and the associated VersaPoints if from a PRM. This is the backbone of SFI, and in a way, there is not much emphasis on it! Any newbie in SFI who is internet-market-savvy can make a considerable amount of commission in just the first month.

2)The best way: Through ECA referrals and your down line

ECA referals: You get to earn 10% of the commission volume from sales from your ECA products, royalties for life even while you sleep! If you PRM buys a product from you ECAs store, you get 55% of the commission volume (10+45) There is huge commission here, and it needs to be explored more.

Your down line: Your PSAs are your PRMs, so as they buy from TripleClicks, you earn 45% of the commission volume. You can also earn matching VersaPoints up to your 12th generation, if you are eligible and also if your down lines are eligible.

The compensation plan is pretty amazing, with unlimited earning potential!!!!

Eguono Onoruvie, EA2* (Ireland)

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